If you’re a homeowner, having a roofing warranty is an excellent benefit. This is particularly true if your roof was damaged by a major storm and you have to replace or repair it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are particular things that could void your roofing warranty. Most homeowners tend to overlook these things or they do not know about them at all.  


It is in your best interest to know what these things are to avoid voiding your roofing warranty accidentally. So, before you hire a roofing company Pasadena, here are things to consider: 

Utilizing Non-System Parts 

Typically, residential roofs are made of uniquely engineered parts and work best if it is combined with items from the same manufacturer. Unfortunately, a couple of homeowners neglect this and utilize starter shingles or underlayment from another company. This will avoid the warranty and compromise the overall integrity of your roof. 

Pressure Washing 

The first thing homeowners consider is using a pressure washer when moss is growing on the roof. For those who don’t know, you can void the warranty of your roofing system if you use pressure washing at a high setting. The reason for this is that the shingles are not made to endure the close range and will cause the granules to separate from the shingles or deteriorate.  


Fixtures such as solar panels and skylights include a lot of roofing work that will involve the removal of shingles and roof penetration. Typically, this can void the warranty. You’ve got to ensure that the roofing company coordinates with the people installing the solar panels or skylights to avoid this result. With this, you can remove the shingles for the installation of the fixtures and still restore the warranty after it.  

Improper Ventilation 

The right ventilation in your attic is a crucial part of making sure your roof lasts as long as possible. Unluckily, a couple of roofing companies fail to ventilate properly the roof of a homeowner during installation. This can lead to different forms of damage on the roof that won’t be covered by your warranty.  

Installation of the Antenna 

There is a high possibility that your satellite or antenna installation will void the warranty of your roofing system. This depends on the fine print. For example, your warranty might no longer cover leaking since you created the holes in the roof to install the antenna.  

Wrong Installation 

Another major cause of voided roofing warranties is the wrong installation. Any roofing company that disregards the specifics of the manufacturer or takes shortcuts risks voiding the warranty of your roofing system. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you hire a reliable roofing company with the right certifications.  

Installing New Shingles Over the Old Ones 

Though almost every roofer will not do this, there are still some who will provide this option. This is particularly true if you hire a cheap roofing company. The reason for this is that they can save money by forgoing the labor expenses of getting rid of the old roof. Thus, it’s always ideal to hire a reliable roofer