There are a lot of reasons why carpet is a great option for flooring. However, it has one major disadvantage. It can be easily ruined by water. Unlike vinyl or tile, you cannot simply mop up a carpet that’s flooded. You will have to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to either get rid of your damaged carpet or clean it thoroughly.  


There are a couple of factors that decide whether or not your carpet has to be removed completely. Today, we’re going to share with you the factors that can decide if you need to replace your carpet or if it can still be saved by a professional carpet cleaning Grand Rapids. 

Condition and Age 

The previous condition of your carpet is one thing to think about in terms of flooded carpet cleaning or replacement. It may not be worth trying to save an outdated and old carpet. You should instead think about replacing it with new carpeting. Aside from having a new carpet, it is also more affordable compared to hiring someone to clean your old carpet.  

Water Source 

Not every water source is the same. It is something you will have to think about when choosing between replacing or cleaning the carpet. You shouldn’t even consider cleaning it if the water damage is the result of sewage-contaminated water, floodwater, or toilet backflow. You should remove that carpet immediately. Meanwhile, damage resulting from clean water may not require replacement. 


Another factor to think about is the amount of time the water stayed on the carpet. For those who don’t know, you’re making the problem worse if you allow the water to sit for a long period. The truth is that the cleaning process should start within 2 days after the water damage. This is according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Else, you should replace your carpet.  

Amount of Water 

The next thing to think about is how much water got on the carpet. It will be a lot more difficult for a professional to clean and dry your carpet if there’s a lot of water that has soaked into the subflooring, carpet pad, and carpet. It can be difficult for a regular homeowner to tell if the amount of water is huge enough to require replacement. However, a professional carpet cleaner will know.  

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Carpet Water Damage 

It’s a huge mistake to wait too long to schedule flooded carpet cleaning. First, mildew and mold usually grow the next day after the water damage. This is particularly true if the water stays under the carpet for a long period. All of that mold can be a severe health risk. This is particularly true for people with respiratory issues.  

Next, water does not simply damage the carpeting alone. It will slowly leak down into the subflooring and flooring. This can cause major rotting. Contacting a professional carpet cleaning company right away is the ideal thing you could do. An expert will remove the carpet and dry the area to guarantee you can avoid damage.