Getting Rid of Foul Odors with Air Duct Cleaning 

During the hot and cold months, having a functioning cooling and heating system can be extremely amazing for a homeowner. However, for those who don’t know, these systems can also spread unpleasant smells around the house. There are different reasons why foul odors might be coming from your cooling and heating systems.  


You should be wary that dirty air ducts might be the culprit if you do have foul odors lingering inside your home. It might be simpler to determine the source of the issue if you’re the original homeowner. On the other hand, it can be difficult to locate the problem if you live in a pre-owned home.  

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most common odors in your air duct that can be removed by professional air duct cleaners Midland. 

Bacteria and Mold 

Dust and dirt can accumulate inside the air duct system. This accumulation can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This will lead to foul odors inside your house. In addition to that, the bacteria can affect your health and invade your living environment. 

If there’s humidity or moisture in the air, mold can grow in the air ducts. Mold can cause respiratory problems and activate allergies. Mold spores can be distributed across the house if they get released in the air. Comprehensive cleaning of the air ducts can help avoid this issue. 


You might dearly love your pets. However, they can contribute to the foul smells in your house. Pet dander or fur can get inside the air ducts. This can lead to foul smells flowing across your house. The odor of pet urine can be particularly strong. It can cling to the dust inside your ductwork. Unluckily, having your air ducts cleaned professionally is the only way to remove the odor.  


Rodents and other pests can crawl inside the air duct systems. They can leave droppings inside your air ducts. In addition to that, a couple of pests aren’t able to get out of the air ducts. Thus, they die inside. Almost every homeowner isn’t wary of this until the unpleasant odor of decay starts to move across the house. This smell won’t go away until you get rid of the dead pest. A professional air duct cleaning company can help. 

Cooking Odors 

The odors from particular meals can leave a strong smell that lingers when you prepare and cook food. These odors can be sucked inside the air duct system and recirculated across your home. Frying foods can cause grease to spread into the air. Eventually, the walls of your air ducts will be coated with grease. This produces an extremely foul smell of stale grease to flow across your house. After a professional cleaning, these smells can be removed.  

Tobacco Smoke 

You should keep in mind that smoke from cigars and cigarettes can flow across the entire house. the smoke gets sucked easily inside the air ducts and the smell can infiltrate your entire home. In addition to that, tar and nicotine can leave a coating inside the air ducts. You can get rid of this by cleaning your air ducts regularly 

Small Steps in Keeping Your Kitchen Clean 

Your home is a comfortable place that you dwell in most of your life however to live comfortably, you need to make an effort to keep it clean. Keeping your home clean can be difficult for people who have hectic schedules and if you are someone busy, house cleaning Reno provides you professional help in keeping your home clean. If you are someone who has the time though, here are some tips on how to keep the most important part of your home clean and tidy.  


 Your kitchen is a vital part of your home especially if you have children. Having a big family can involve a lot of cooking and time in the kitchen and sometimes things can get really messy with all the cooking. So how do you keep your kitchen clean?  

 1. Clean those dishes 

If you are someone who leaves your dishes in the sink after every meal, then for sure your dishes are going to pile up and it will be unbearable to the eye to clean it later. Washing your dishes after every use is a simpler way of doing it. It does not hurt the eyes when you are going for the task and it can be easily done within a minute or two compared to dumping everything in and doing it all at once.  

 2. Clean the burnt pot 

Scrubbing a burnt pot can be exhausting due to scrubbing with force however you can always ditch the hassle through boiling a mixture of baking soda and water using the pot with burnt surface. Allow the pot to cool down and sponge away the burnt particles with ease.  

 3. Sink 

Does your faucet not look neat? Use baking soda or a cleaner that is all purpose and it can do the job just fine. This is something we often forget but our faucet and sink is where we do the cleaning thus it is vital to keep it clean as well.  

 4. Clean your kitchen surfaces 

Always wipe your kitchen surfaces as much as you can. You can maintain keeping your kitchen spotless through keeping your range spotless through wiping it after every use. Keeping your range unclean and not wiping it every after use can lead to difficulty in cleaning those oil splatters in the long run.  

 5. Clean your fridge 

The easiest way to clean your fridge is to sort things out every day. Check any food that are rotten and not good for consumption and throw them out the trash. Wipe the spilled liquid on your fridges surface and if it is a splatter that is hard to handle at your first wipe of the sponge, take the extra mile to repeat the process and you will thank yourself later.  

 6. Clean your appliances 

Your quick go-to in the morning is probably your toaster and coffee machine. Always make sure that appliances you often use every day should be cleaned as often. Sure, you can do it tomorrow before you use it, however there are times of the week that you do not have the luxury to do so, thus the simplest way is to clean it every break you get in the week.  

An amount of work can be simple when attended directly when it still needs a small amount of effort, that’s why the simplest ways to keep your home clean can be as simple as attending to your dishes after you consumed a meal or wiping your counter or range after every cooking session. Of course, if you really have no time to spare as a working individual in a competitive setup, you know the professionals to call.