In this article, we will be discussing some questions that are frequently asked by many when it comes to concrete coating, concrete sealing, and other subject matters that relate to protecting concrete surfaces to add to your knowledge about them, why they are beneficial, and how they work. If you want to know more about these topics, feel free to call us for you and we will be glad to help you out. Here are the FAQs about concrete coatings that you should know: 

How will the concrete coating appear? 

This will totally depend on your chosen concrete coating. The fact that quality coating systems can provide you different types makes it one of the best things you can use. A reputable concrete supplier or a local store can surely provide you any concrete coating that’s suited to your concrete needs due to its wide range of choices you get from them. This helps you to select an appearance that will suit your taste best, without forfeiting any performance any coating provides. Polyurea coating is one of the best out there since it can give great protection from thermal changes, chemicals, liquids, impact, abrasion, and more.  

What happens if I do not seal? 

Regardless of its appearance, concrete is in fact a porous substance that can soak up moisture, chemicals, and liquids easily.  Such things absorb into the concrete itself, leading to substantial damage sooner or later.  A concrete sealer does not let these aspects to soak up the concrete since it will be adhered to the surface. If you have an unprotected concrete, it will more likely form flaking, spalling, cracks, and more concrete issues over time.   

What surface must I seal? 

If you want to protect your concrete surface, make sure to consider concrete sealing it so that it will be further protected from damage. Usually, the areas you should be applying concrete sealing on include finished basement, garage floors, and outdoor patios. It can be placed in your home like hallways or kitchens given that they feature concrete flooring.  

What is the concrete coating? 

A concrete coating is basically a substance that you apply to the surfaces of your concrete and let it adhere to them. This can give benefits and additional protection that concrete does not have on its own. Concrete staining comes in different types, which ranges from the traditional epoxy flooring to more modernized and innovative coating systems similar to our revolutionary polyuria coating systems. Concrete sealer is another term you will usually hear, which is basically similar when it comes to the function. Although how they work and what they provide entirely depends on the type of coating you choose.  

Can I apply concrete coating myself? 

Though you can apply a concrete coating technically to your flooring, we still highly suggest that you refrain to do so since applying coating systems requires you to have the experience, knowledge, and highly skilled work that only the professional concrete contractors Raleigh NC can provide.